Portrait and biography

Gerhard Gulewicz 24 h MTB World Champion 2005

Name: Gerhard Gulewicz

Date of birth: 21. Mai 1967

Place of residence: Bad Ischl / Salzkammergut

Profession: Cyclist and Personal Coach

Body hight: 172 cm

Education: Certificated trainer

Weight: 68 kg

...how did Gerhard come across cycling?

Gerhard Gulewicz as a bodybuilder 1988
Gerhard Gulewicz - 1998
Gerhard Gulewicz - 2009

Even as a youngster, Gerhard was an ambitious athlete in diverse sports. He leveraged his distinctive staying power to succeed in endurance-oriented sports.

At the age of 17, Gerhard switched to weight training.

Due to clearly defined goals and consistent training, Gerhard won the “Upper Austrian Champion” contest, followed by the “Austrian Champion” title in power lifting.

It was a shoulder injury that led to the early end of Gerhard’s career – just one week before the junior championship

The following years, Gerhard solely got his head down on his profession. In this period of time, sports had become something “less important”.

In 2000, this circumstance was changed – his friends bet Gerhard defeating. They were sure that he would not be fit enough to compete in the 100 km mountain bike marathon in Bad Goisern (Austria), reaching the finish line in 8 hours.

Gerhard won.

Thereupon, his personal skills as certificated coach were key for the following rapid reactivation of his “bodily memory power” in terms of past top sports performances (endurance and power).

He soon came off and was going strong again. This motivated Gerhard to work out even harder and to exclusively concentrate on cycling.

As a result, Gerhard has defined another ambitious goal: To be extreme sports athlete in the world’s top position. Ergo, Gerhard started to map out a focused strategy – which was put into action successfully.